Carabiner Beal O’Smith Steel Oval SL

The Beal O’Smith is a steel oval carabiner that is ideal for using / working with pulleys. The oval shape carabiner is perfect for using with pulleys as it ensures that the pulley sits perfectly square and is equalised for balance.

Beal has designed this steel oval carbiner to feature a round steel bar construction. It is then available with either a traditional screwgate opening or a 3 way locking gate system known as 3-Matic. Which ever you go for, they both feature a 17mm gate opening. Whilst the gate opening isn’t as large as some, it still does have plenty of space for loading a pulley or a steel strop.
General Features
Steel karabiner
Locking karabiner
2 locking variations
17mm Gate opening
End to end – 30kN(Gate Closed)
End to end – 8kN(Gate Open)
Side to side – 16kN
Individually marked serial numbers
Beal Carabiner OSmith Oval Screw

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