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Descender Petzl Rig

Kategori Descenders, Petzl
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Harga Rp 3.350.000
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– Designed for rope access work (expert users only)
– Multi-function handle allows the user to:
* unlock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the free end of the rope
* position himself at the work station without having to tie off the device
– The automatic return system on the handle limits risks in case of an involuntary action by the user
– Handle storage position reduces the risk of snagging when the descender is being carried on the harness
– The gate on the moving side plate helps prevent dropping the device and facilitates rope installation when passing intermediate anchors
– Pivoting cam facilitates taking up the slack in the rope. Can also be used to make a progress-capture haul system, and for short ascents (in conjunction with a FOOTAPE or FOOTCORD foot loop and an ASCENSION handled rope clamp)
– Lowers heavy loads up to 200 kg (only for expert users; consult the Instructions for Use for the device at www.petzl.com)
– Available in two colors: yellow and black

– Min. rope diameter : 10,5 mm
– Min. rope diameter : 11,5 mm
– Weight : 380 g
– Certification(s) : CE EN 12841 type C, CE EN 341 classe A, NFPA 1983 Technical Use

Petzl Rig

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