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Petzl Jag Rescue Kit 60m

Kategori Pack And Accessories, Petzl
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Berat(/pcs)1 Kg
Harga Rp 14.265.000
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Designed to easily pick off and lower a victim:
– pick-off with the JAG SYSTEM haul kit, whose 4:1 mechanical advantage and excellent sheave efficiency allow the user effort to be divided by 4 when raising a victim in order to release him
– evacuation with the I’D S descender, whose ergonomic handle allows the user to easily control the rope’s running speed during evacuation. Anti-panic function activates if the user pulls too hard on the handle, which brakes and stops the descent automatically
Always ready to use for quick intervention:
– JAG SYSTEM equipped with flexible cover that prevents any risk of tangling
– rope is pre-installed in the RING OPEN gated ring to allow better control of the descent and provide a system that dœs not easily come apart
– BUCKET bag for transporting the kit
– kit comes loaded and ready to use
Available in three rope length versions: 30, 60 and 120 meters
Rescue kit contents:
– a JAG SYSTEM haul kit
– a RING OPEN gated ring
– an I’D S descender
– an AXIS 11 mm rope with two sewn terminations
– a CONNEXION FIXE 150 cm anchor strap
– a BUCKET 25 liter bag for the 30 and 60 meter versions, and a 35 liter bag for the 120 meter version
Maximum working load: 2 kN
Material(s): aluminum, steel, nylon, polyurethane, polyester

References K90060
Length 60 m
Weight 6600 g
Petzl Jag Rescue Kit 60m

Rp 70.000
Rp 3.100.000
Rp 1.050.000
Rp 85.250.000
Rp 52.700.000
Rp 48.650.000

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