Hand Ascender Jummar Magideal


A hand ascender is known as a device use for ascending a rope in a vertical singcle rope climbing, like rock climbing, tree climbing, rescue, aloft work, engineering, caving, etc.

Cams installed inside helps slide up a rope easily but clamp when pulled in the opposite direction.

The ergonomic handle and ample inner space provide excellent comfort and aids grip to keep from fatiguing even in a long time single rope climbing.

The cam is easy to engage with the thumb. One Slot on either uperside and downside where carabiner could be used to connect the rope.

Type: Handled with Cam

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Handle Part: Rubber

Standard Finish: Anodized

Rope Size: 8~12mm

Weight: 240g / 8.47oz

Certification(s) : CE 1019 EN567/ UIAA

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Berat 500 g


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