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Quick Fix Petzl

Kategori Lanyard And Energy Absorbers, Petzl
Di lihat 2072 kali
Berat(/pcs)1 Kg
Harga Rp 600.000
Consina, Cotrek, Eiger, Cozmeed, Rei, Mountain Leaf, Petzl, Beal, Madrock, Camp,

The Petzl quickfix Daisy chain is a modern, tailored to the latest trends in aid climbing. It’s light, easy, fast.

Quick length adjustment through DoubleBack buckle. It connects easily to the harness by a knot “lark.”

The buckle has a hole 3 mm in diameter to pass a sling release to unlock the buckle under load and allows for an adjustment.

The quickfix Petzl has an anchor point on the end to hold a python or other “junk” during placement.

Equipped with a String of rubber to keep the hook in the optimal position and protect the tape from abrasion.

The Petzl Quickfix is an adjustable strap that eases positioning at the belay. The length of the strap can be quickly adjusted with a DoubleBack buckle. A loop at the free end of the strap can be used to attach a piton whilst placing. A string element secure the correct position of the carabiner and protects the webbing from abrasion.

Must be attached to the harness with a carabiner
3mm eyelet for threading a keeper cord
Danger: The Quickfix is not designed as a weight-bearing lanyard! Most not be used as a connection webbing, for belaying or rapelling!

Model: 2009 | Weight: 68g | Strength: 150 daN | Material: nylon webbing, buckle made from aluminium and steel | Colour: yellow-grey

Petzl Quick Fix Lanyard

Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp 670.000
Tas Ransel Cozmeed Authentic 01


Rp 175.000 275.000
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