Tali Karmantel Beal Intervention 9mm / 50 m

Ultra-light semi-static rope for rescue and other safety operations which priorise low weight and low bulk.
This rope is type B and has a smaller diameter and less resistance than type A ropes,
therefore greater attention is required by experienced users.

Diameter: 9mm
Breaking load: 1900 daN (Kg).
Strength with figure-of-eight knot: 1350 daN (Kg).
Number of factor 1 falls (80 Kg): 8.
Impact force factor 0,3: 4 kN.
Elongation 50/150 Kg: 3,6%.
Sheath slippage: 0,3%.
Weight per meter: 51 g.
Sheath percentage: 43%.
Core mass: 57%.
Shrinkage in water: 4%.
Core material: Polyamide.
Sheath material: Polyamide.
CE EN 1891 type B

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